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Wedding Tiaras

Pearl and crystal wedding tiaras are fit for a princess. Check out these beautiful designs for your bridal head!

You will find a large selection of beautiful and elegant styles of bridal tiaras and wedding hair accessories to create a wedding hairstyle of your dreams.

Wedding Shoes

Check out our extensive line of prom shoes that can be dyed to match any of our prom dresses! We have high heels, low heels, dyable shoes, flats, silver, gold, and clear shoes. Choose from our most popular prom shoes and shoes for other special occasions such as homecomming and graduation.

Wedding Handbags

Is your handbag are matching with your prom dresses.

You always look good in prom nights if every thing you are wearing is matching one and you are feeling good this include your prom gown, jewelry, sandals, watch, rings. But above all if you are carrying your handbags it should be matching one. If you are wearing a black prom gown then always go with some glittering type black color handbags that give shinier look and also attracts others too.

Ivory color prom gowns are always seen but what matching handbags go with that its really tricky one. Well the red color is always favorable with ivory types of prom gowns and also the in ivory color handbags too.

Always remember that before choosing any handbags in any style always see that its comfortable in carry and suited with your prom dress.

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Oscar fashion

Cate blancehett and Rene Zellwegger are two such best actories who are not only known for their best acting's but also known what to wear in high profile parties and ceremony just like in Oscar show. It seems that there designer read both this ladies minds that what they are expecting from them to give a special look to there figures.

Both are looking absolutely stunning in there gowns. Where cate blancehett Her tough-to-pull-off banana yellow Valentino Couture gown was perfectly suited to her pale complexion and delicate figure. On the other side Rene Zellwegger Red gown that gives her more shinning look on her figure and just perfectly suited on her body.

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On the other side when Hilary Swank alights at the Academy Awards this Sunday, she'll be wearing a boring dress. Not a dowdy dress-nobody looks dowdy at the Oscars anymore. But as a best actress nominee, odds are she'll pick a gown that in its understated glamour, its sheer, unbridled tastefulness, will be slightly less interesting than a pile of weekold dirt

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